Rubans Aux Ombrelles Aux Manchons

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The painting "Rubans Aux Ombrelles Aux Manchons" by Charles Martin showcases a stylish and delicate white parasol embellished with intricate details. This design features deep red ribbons elegantly extending along the umbrella’s edges and handle, adding a contrast that highlights the umbrella's graceful form.The highlights of this piece are the refined decorations around the parasol's edges where the ribbons meet—an ornate fringe or lace-like pattern, which gives a sense of richness and tactile appeal. This careful detailing hints at the Art Nouveau influence prevalent during Martin's time, where objects were not only functional but considered pieces of art imbued with elegance and decorative flair.Moreover, the small string-and-ball mechanism visible near the bottom suggests a practical feature for securing or opening the parasol. Each element in this painting seems thoughtfully arranged to balance beauty with usability, reflecting an era when even everyday objects like an umbrella were treated as expressions of personal style and aesthetic value.


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Charles Martin was well-known for his distinctive style that beautifully blended Art Deco aesthetics with traditional French design elements. His works were recognized for their elegance and sophistication, and Martin became one of the most recognized artists of his era. He was also noted for his innovations in fashion design, significantly contributing to shaping the fashion trend of his time.