Dubbele Pagina

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The artwork presented is a somewhat abstract and whimsical depiction of a face, rendered with apparent simplicity yet engaging creativity. The central figure, which dominates the canvas, features a large, voluminous, dark hairstyle that symmetrically envelops both sides of the face and appears almost cloud-like. The face itself consists of basic, minimalist features: dots for eyes with prominent eyelashes, and a small, curved line for a mouth. The cheeks are adorned with rosy pink marks, suggesting a flush of life or emotion.The quirky and cartoonish style of the drawing, with its exaggerated facial features and the playful surrealism of the hair, lends the artwork a light-hearted and charming aura. The overall composition, with the starkness of the face against the plain background, draws attention directly to the expression and stylization of the character, provoking curiosity about the emotions or thoughts the artist might be conveying through such a stylized portrayal.The title "Dubbele Pagina" could imply a theme of duality or reflection, as "dubbele" suggests "double" in Dutch, possibly hinting at a deeper narrative or an exploration of identity within the artwork, reflected visually through the symmetry and balance in its composition.


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Charles Martin was well-known for his distinctive style that beautifully blended Art Deco aesthetics with traditional French design elements. His works were recognized for their elegance and sophistication, and Martin became one of the most recognized artists of his era. He was also noted for his innovations in fashion design, significantly contributing to shaping the fashion trend of his time.