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What is Giclée printing?

Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") printing is an inkjet printing method on canvas, paper, or photo paper that can achieve the highest possible quality. This method is used to print high-resolution graphics, art reproductions, professional photographs, and other works that demand the best quality. Reproductions printed using this method look like originals, with brushstroke textures visible on their surface, making them desirable to touch. Artworks printed with Giclée printers are long-lasting and suitable for archival preservation. The ink used is environmentally friendly, and well-maintained prints can remain unchanged for many years.

What is a reproduction?

A reproduction is a copy of an artwork produced through printing. We print using a CANON© PRO printer, which provides the highest quality pigment printing, superior to solvent printing. We use original and natural Canon canvas designed for artwork, which is stretched on a wooden frame in Lithuania. The artist receives a royalty for the use of their work for each reproduction produced.

What is pigment printing?

Artwork is most commonly printed on canvas using two methods: solvent printing and pigment printing. They differ significantly in terms of quality and color vibrancy. Solvent printing is more suitable for banners and advertising production, and hanging a cheaply printed photo canvas at home can even be harmful to health, as solvent inks gradually release toxic substances. Our pigment printing and varnish are water-based and harmless to both the environment and the client. Properly prepared, this type of printing is long-lasting, fade-resistant, and can last for many years without changing - making it suitable for archiving.

What is digital artwork?

Some of the artists in our gallery create their work not by painting with traditional materials but by using computer software. In such cases, printing is the only way to "materialize" the artwork. Our canvas printing is the highest quality way to do so.

Can reproductions be resized?

Yes, they can. We sell copies of the original size of the artwork, but many of them can be proportionally resized either larger or smaller. Please contact us if you're interested in a specific artwork but would like it in a different size.

How long does it take to fulfill an order?

Each ordered reproduction is produced individually for you. We typically fulfill orders within 5-6 business days, but in some cases, we can expedite the process. Please contact us if the order fulfillment timeframe is important to you.

I have my own photo/artwork that I want to print in the highest quality. Is it possible?

Certainly! We print using CANON PRO series printers on natural canvas or paper. Our prints are of the highest quality and suitable for archiving. The prints do not fade for 80 years in light and 200 years in the dark. The maximum print width is 1 meter. Your design should be prepared at 300 DPI resolution (minimum resolution is 150 DPI) with a 5 cm bleed for canvas and a 1 cm bleed for paper. More information about museum-quality printing can be found at

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