Sports Et Divertissements, Tirage Sur Japan

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This painting, "Sports et Divertissements, Tirage Sur Japan" by Charles Martin, depicts a serene scene infused with genteel leisure and a touch of elegance. The central figure is a woman stylishly dressed in early 20th-century attire, standing by a small boat. She wears a wide-brimmed hat adorned with a ribbon, a light blouse tucked into a high-waisted skirt, and a boldly colored sash that adds a pop of color to her ensemble. She holds an oar, suggesting she might be preparing to row the boat.The setting is picturesque, likely a calm riverside or lake, with a large tree artistically framing the composition on the right. The foliage of the tree is stylized, with curvilinear forms that echo the gentle flow of water in the background. The use of soft, muted colors contributes to the overall tranquil and composed aesthetic, suitable for depicting a leisurely outdoor activity associated with the upper classes of that time.Charles Martin's work here is carefully detailed, making use of line and form to convey both style and mood. The illustrative quality gives it a timeless charm, capturing an idealized moment of leisure reflecting the social and cultural trends of the era.


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Charles Martin was well-known for his distinctive style that beautifully blended Art Deco aesthetics with traditional French design elements. His works were recognized for their elegance and sophistication, and Martin became one of the most recognized artists of his era. He was also noted for his innovations in fashion design, significantly contributing to shaping the fashion trend of his time.