Stagnant Time

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The painting titled "Stagnant Time" by Onutė Juškienė is a vivid and lush depiction of a serene landscape, abundant with rich flora. The canvas is dominated by a burst of fiery red flowers, presumably some sort of blooming tree, which adds a vibrant contrast against a more subdued, pastoral backdrop. The flowers are meticulously detailed, suggesting a kind of suspended, serene moment, almost outside of time itself.The background features a tranquil landscape, possibly a gentle hill or open field, rendered in softer tones of gold, green, and hints of blue, giving the impression of a distant horizon under a hazy sky. This backdrop complements the sharpness and vividity of the red flowers in the foreground, emphasizing them as the focal point of the work.Leafy greens and various shades of foliage frame the composition, enhancing the depth and complexity of the scene. The interplay of light and shadow, together with the naturalistic details, invites viewers to pause and reflect, perhaps aligning with the thematic element suggested by the title "Stagnant Time." This painting might be interpreted as capturing an eternal, quiet fragment of nature where time seems to stand still, allowing viewers to meditate on the beauty and stillness presented.Overall, Juškienė's work is a beautiful, detailed exploration of nature and time, employing a rich palette and a finely tuned attention to detail that draws the observer into this almost timeless natural world.


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Onutė is a recognized Lithuanian artist whose original paintings draw attention instantly. 

Her art reality is a fusion of rather detailed realistic exploration and a fairy-tale realm. Both of them demand a thorough mastery of lines composing tiny, fragile elements. 

Onutė will lead you to a child's world of wonder where the real and the imagined both serve as a source of miraculous surprise and amazement.

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