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This painting, titled "Asteridea–Seesterne," by Ernst Haeckel, is a beautiful scientific illustration that showcases different species of starfishes and related marine organisms. Each organism is intricately detailed, elucidating their unique structures and patterns.In the painting, you can see a variety of starfish forms placed in an organized layout. Some are depicted from a top view showing their radial symmetry, while others are shown in side sections revealing internal structures. The color palette mainly revolves around shades of red, orange, and cream, highlighting the natural colors found in these sea creatures.Ernst Haeckel was known for his detailed and artistic representations of biological forms, particularly in his work "Kunstformen der Natur" (Art Forms in Nature), where this illustration likely originates. Haeckel’s work was significant not just for its artistic beauty but also for its scientific value, providing detailed morphological insights into a variety of organisms. This specific painting serves both as a piece of scientific documentation and as aesthetic art, capturing the complex beauty of marine life.


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Multicolor illustrations of animals and sea creatures from Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms of Nature) by German zoologist, naturalist, professor, and marine biologist, Ernst Haeckel (1843–1919), in full Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckela. Haeckel was known for discovering and naming thousands of new species. Kunstformen der Natur was known for bridging the gap between science and art.