The Sun is Passing the Sign of Taurus from cycle "Zodiac"

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Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis's painting "The Sun is Passing the Sign of Taurus" from his "Zodiac" cycle offers an imaginative and symbolic representation of the astrological sign Taurus. In this artwork, Čiurlionis employs a blend of mythological and celestial imagery to evoke the essence of Taurus, which is often symbolized by the bull.At the center of the composition, a large, dark silhouette resembling a bull dominates the foreground. This bull is portrayed in a stylized manner, with emphasis on its round, powerful form and the prominent outline of a golden halo or ring that might represent the animal's sacredness or celestial significance. The halo gives the bull a regal or divine aura, reinforcing Taurus's associations with strength, stability, and reliability.Behind the bull, the background features a sky rendered in warm, earthy tones, aligned with Taurus’s element of Earth. Abstract, streaking lines of white and beige stretch across the top half of the painting, suggesting movement and perhaps the passage of the sun as indicated in the title. These lines create a sense of dynamic motion, symbolizing the transit of celestial bodies through the zodiac signs.Radiating lines emerging from below the bull suggest the rising or setting sun, connecting the creature to this celestial body.


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