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The painting portrays a tall, slender woman standing amidst lush, dark foliage that takes on various shades of blue and green. She dons a long gown with a rich, textured pattern of autumn-hued leaves over a base layer of gray, polka-dotted fabric that peeks through at the hem. The woman’s skin is pale, nearly blending with the subdued background, and her composure is serene but commanding. Her facial features are finely drawn, and her hair is styled in an intricate white updo that suggests a blend of elegance and order.She extends both hands as if balancing the small scene before her. In one hand, she gently interacts with a white dove about to take flight, symbolizing perhaps peace or innocence. The contrast between the vibrant, intricate patterns of her dress and the delicate simplicity of the dove creates a focal point at her hands.The surrounding flora, while richly detailed, completes the backdrops mottled texture of dark leaves against an even darker groundwork, emphasizing a sense of depth and sanctuary.


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Her education is based on knowledge and experience aquired in Vilnius Art Academy. 

Aurika's artwork has been exhibited in Vilnius, Kaunas, Utena as well as Amsterdam and Chicago. Various paintings form a part of private collections all over the world.

Artist's attention is directed towards the fragile, mysterious and rather gothic world of angels. Pale, solemn and gentle, the angels carry an ambience of sacred ubiquity to the background as well as the observer standing out perfectly over the rest of the vivid composition.

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Current authors