Les Gorgerettes

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The painting titled "Les Gorgerettes" by Charles Martin features a stylized illustration of a woman's head and upper torso. The lady is depicted with a very elegant and somewhat abstract design. Her face is elongated and serene, with delicate features such as small lips, a straight nose, and slightly closed eyes, giving her a calm and reserved expression.Her hair is arranged in an elaborate style, adorned with what appears to be bows or flowers that echo the same shapes seen in her attire, and curve around her head in a symmetrical pattern, enhancing her poised demeanor.The lady's dress is particularly striking, showcased with a pattern that includes small dots and large crisscross lattice or ribbon designs, possibly representing a type of lace or fabric decoration. The collar of her garment is high and ruffled, adding to the notion of refined elegance. The overall use of line and minimal color—mostly red accents on a primarily black and white drawing—highlights the artist's focus on form and decoration over realistic portrayal, creating a distinctly modern and decorative effect.This portrayal likely speaks to fashion and style of a bygone era, recalling perhaps elements of 18th-century French fashion, yet abstracted and stylized to suit a more contemporary artistic taste, which was typical of Charles Martin's work, known for blending art and fashion elements with a modernist touch.


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Charles Martin was well-known for his distinctive style that beautifully blended Art Deco aesthetics with traditional French design elements. His works were recognized for their elegance and sophistication, and Martin became one of the most recognized artists of his era. He was also noted for his innovations in fashion design, significantly contributing to shaping the fashion trend of his time.