Moon Rabbit

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Artist: Onutė Juškienė Year: 2023We are delighted to present "Moon Rabbit," a captivating artwork by Onutė Juškienė that brings together the mystique of folklore with the finesse of modern artistry. This striking painting portrays a vividly detailed rabbit in motion, its fur rendered in luminous shades of blue and flecks of white that suggest a connection to the celestial. The rabbit's eyes, alert and full of life, draw the viewer into a narrative that seems both magical and intimate.The background is a stark, dark canvas that contrasts with the radiant figure of the rabbit, accentuating its ethereal glow. Two small, pink orbs — possibly symbolic elements — lay in the path of the onrushing creature, adding an element of intrigue and depth to the composition.Onutė Juškienė, renowned for her ability to fuse realism with elements of the fantastical, invites viewers to ponder the story behind the "Moon Rabbit.


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Onutė is a recognized Lithuanian artist whose original paintings draw attention instantly. 

Her art reality is a fusion of rather detailed realistic exploration and a fairy-tale realm. Both of them demand a thorough mastery of lines composing tiny, fragile elements. 

Onutė will lead you to a child's world of wonder where the real and the imagined both serve as a source of miraculous surprise and amazement.

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