Bauerngehöft an einem Bergsee (ca. 1836–1838)

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Adalbert Stifter’s painting, "Bauerngehöft an einem Bergsee" (Farmstead by a Mountain Lake), created around 1836–1838, captures a serene and picturesque scene embodying the tranquil essence and sublime beauty of nature. This evocative work portrays a rustic farmstead nestled in the embrace of a lush landscape, with the calm waters of a mountain lake partially visible in the background.The composition is balanced and harmonious, featuring an array of architectural and natural elements. The foreground shows charming wooden structures, their rusticity highlighted by the rugged textures of timber and stone, which blend seamlessly into the landscape. Smoke gently curling from a chimney adds a touch of life, suggesting the presence of inhabitants. The farmstead is flanked by dense woodlands to one side and a soft footpath that leads the eye into the painting, enhancing the depth and perspective.Dominating the background, majestic snow-capped mountains rise starkly against the sky, their peaks shrouded in mist, conveying both the awe-inspiring power and the tranquility of the high alpine environment. The interplay of light and shadow is masterfully rendered, with sunlight breaking through the clouds to illuminate parts of the mountains and the lake, creating a dynamic contrast with the softly shaded areas of the farm.Through "Bauerngehöft an einem Bergsee," Stifter not only brings to life the serene and rugged beauty of a mountainous landscape but also reflects a deep reverence for nature’s quiet grandeur.


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Adalbert Stifter (1805–1868) was an Austrian writer, poet, painter and pedagogue. Born in Oberplan, Bohemia (now Horní Planá, Czech Republic), he was the eldest son of a wealthy linen weaver. Better known as a writer, Stifter was able to convey vivid and engaging landscapes in both his writing and painting. At the end of his life, exhausted by physical and mental illnesses, the artist died of suicide.