Hunting Life (1902)

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Albert Engström's "Hunting Life" (1902) captures a vivid moment deep within the nocturnal wilderness, offering a dramatic glimpse into the world of hunting. This striking ink drawing portrays a scene illuminated by the stark contrasts of black and white. In the composition, two hunters and their dog are caught in the thick of an intense hunting expedition.The hunters, clad in heavy coats and hats, stand focused and poised with their rifles at the ready. Their attentiveness is directed towards the left, suggesting the presence of their quarry just outside the frame. The dog, with its nose pointed and tail up, indicates alertness and readiness to pursue. Above them, the sky erupts with light filtering through trees, creating a dynamic play of light and shadow that underscores the tension and urgency of the hunt.Engström's masterful use of light not only adds a dramatic flair but also highlights the interplay between man, animal, and nature. This artwork invites viewers to contemplate the raw and primal elements of the hunting experience, emphasizing themes of survival and the human connection to the natural world.


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Albert Engström (1869 – 1940) was a Swedish artist, author and member of the Swedish Academy from 1922.