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"Still Life" by Abraham van Beijeren is a luxuriant depiction that invites viewers into a world of opulent abundance. This ornate painting showcases a rich array of items that signify wealth and lavishness during the 17th century in the Netherlands.The central tableau is draped with a sumptuous white cloth and hosts a variety of items suggestive of a feast or the display in a wealthy household. Foremost, there is an assortment of fruits such as grapes, both dark and light, and peaches, with their rich textures and colors captured in meticulous detail. A partially opened melon sits alongside, its juicy interior tantalizingly exposed.In addition to the fruits, the painting features a selection of seafood, a delicacy at the time, exemplified here by the finely rendered lobster and oysters. These are complemented by elegant glassware and metallic vessels, including a striking golden nautilus cup and a reflective silver tazza, which echo the themes of wealth and the exotic.Further depth is added to the composition through the presence of a large, ornately decorated pewter jug in the background, adorned with scenes that are possibly biblical or mythological, adding a narrative layer to the visual feast. Nearby, a wine glass with a golden base suggests the enjoyment of fine beverages accompanying the spread of food.The overall atmosphere of the scene is one of both celebration and transience, typical of van Beijeren’s work, which often contains a subtext about the temporality of wealth and worldly pleasures. This painting not only serves as a stunning example of Dutch Baroque still life but also as a reflection on the era's cultural and social values, rendered in a palette that stresses the deep shadows and glowing highlights typical of the period.


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Abraham van Beyeren was a Dutch Baroque painter of still lifes. Little recognized in his day and initially active as a marine painter, he is now considered one of the most important painters of still lifes, and still lifes of fish and so-called 'pronkstillevens', i.e. sumptuous still lifes of luxurious objects.