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This painting by Gintaras Tadauskas, titled "Painter," is a captivating and imaginative artwork that portrays a whimsical, dream-like setting. In the foreground, large, vibrant trees with rounded, bushy canopies dominate the scene. Each tree is characterized by a dense accumulation of red and white dots, giving them a lively, almost effervescent appearance. These trees are planted along a ground covered in a rich red hue, perhaps symbolizing fallen petals or a vivid autumnal scene.Beneath these oversized, picturesque trees, various groups of people are depicted engaging in leisurely activities, adding a social and almost festive dimension to the scene. On the left, a couple dances gracefully, suggesting a romantic or celebratory narrative. Nearby, another group sits leisurely, surrounded by the lush setting, while yet another group in the central part of the painting seems involved in a picnic or a similar social gathering.To the right, an interesting meta-artistic element is introduced: an artist, presumably a representation of the painter himself, is shown at work beside an easel.


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The painter for inspiration and soul expression is looking in the Bible propositions. Strong roots of the tree and birds, catching sun on the top of it, ugly caterpillar transformation to the butterfly and short, but colorful life of his flight, love dance of silver cranes - all this, according to G. Tadauskas, gives meaning to the fundamental and unchanging human values of life.

"Trees, butterflies, birds lead us to the eternal, what remains longer beyond of our short stay on earth, "- says the artist.

Painting technique - special and one of the oldest, because in this way was painted icons, persisting forever. Mineral tempera is unique that minerals extracted in a special way from the stone, and mixed with egg yolk. Such colors remains for centuries, without changing the shades. In addition, the artist mix the paints, which are watercolors.

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