Tree From Heaven

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"Tree From Heaven" by Gintaras Tadauskas presents a majestic and visually captivating scene centered on a large tree. The painting is a vibrant composition dominated by a round, lush tree with an expansive crown. The artist uses a striking array of red and white tones, peppered with black splatters to suggest the density and texture of foliage. These splatters not only add vibrancy and movement to the depiction but also give an impression of the tree shimmering or radiating with a mystical or divine energy, perhaps alluding to the title "Tree From Heaven."The trunk of the tree, strong and prominently featured in the center, boasts a rich, dark color that might symbolize stability or endurance. The background is subtler, using soft beige tones that create a gentle and stark contrast against the vivid colors of the tree. Small red dots that resemble petals or leaves, scattered around the tree and into the background, enhance the idea of a dynamic, living entity.Overall, the painting might be seen as symbolizing vitality, divine beauty, or the eternal connection between heaven and earth. The brilliance of the tree against the serenity of the simple backdrop could represent a focal point of spiritual or natural awe, inviting viewers to ponder the tree's mystical origins or the overall harmony of nature.


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The painter for inspiration and soul expression is looking in the Bible propositions. Strong roots of the tree and birds, catching sun on the top of it, ugly caterpillar transformation to the butterfly and short, but colorful life of his flight, love dance of silver cranes - all this, according to G. Tadauskas, gives meaning to the fundamental and unchanging human values of life.

"Trees, butterflies, birds lead us to the eternal, what remains longer beyond of our short stay on earth, "- says the artist.

Painting technique - special and one of the oldest, because in this way was painted icons, persisting forever. Mineral tempera is unique that minerals extracted in a special way from the stone, and mixed with egg yolk. Such colors remains for centuries, without changing the shades. In addition, the artist mix the paints, which are watercolors.

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