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We are delighted to feature a remarkable piece from the talented artist, Onutė Juškienė, titled "Florentem." This captivating painting invites viewers into a world where nature's quiet beauty is depicted with poignant attention to detail and color.In "Florentem", Juškienė presents a lush arrangement of flowers, thriving with life and color. The focal point of the composition is a rustic, golden vase, richly textured and seemingly aged with history. It cradles a variety of flowers, predominantly lilies, which are rendered with striking realism. Each petal of the lilies, from pale ivory to deep lilac, is painted with such delicacy that one can almost feel its softness. The flowers are in various stages of bloom, symbolizing the transient beauty of life.Adding to the composition’s narrative, a couple of fallen petals and a small, ripe apple lie at the base of the vase on a dark, moody background. These elements suggest the inevitable passage of time and the natural cycle of growth and decay.Juškienė’s mastery of light and shadow, along with her skillful brushwork, creates a texture that is almost tactile. The use of contrasting colors and the dramatic interplay of light intensify the emotive quality of the painting, drawing viewers into a moment of reflection and admiration."Florentem" is more than just a visual treat; it is a study of life's fleeting beauty, encouraging us to appreciate the moments of splendor around us.


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Onutė is a recognized Lithuanian artist whose original paintings draw attention instantly. 

Her art reality is a fusion of rather detailed realistic exploration and a fairy-tale realm. Both of them demand a thorough mastery of lines composing tiny, fragile elements. 

Onutė will lead you to a child's world of wonder where the real and the imagined both serve as a source of miraculous surprise and amazement.

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