Art Nouveau Flower pattern

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The painting features an intricate floral pattern dominated by earthy tones and a structured, yet organic, composition. A series of elaborately detailed flowers, each circled with layers of petal-like rings, are rendered in shades of dark red, cream, and beige. These blossoms are interconnected by slender, curving dark lines that represent stems and smaller leaves, creating a dense network that fills the canvas. The background is a rich terracotta color, setting a warm contrast to the more delicately tinted floral elements. Each flower and leaf shows a meticulous attention to detail, with fine line work giving depth and texture to the design.


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Emile-Alain Séguy was a French 20th century artist. He produced eleven albums inspired by insects, butterflies and nature, with intricate Art Nouveau and brightly colored Art Deco geometric floral patterns. He used a unique printing technique called Pochoir, the method of applying pigment to paper through stencils.