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This painting titled "Teapot" by Modestas Malinauskas is an evocative and texturally rich depiction of a seemingly simple subject. It features a large, central teapot that commands the viewer's attention against a vibrantly textured background. The teapot itself is painted in warm golden and amber tones, inviting a sense of warmth and homeliness. Intricate patterns and reliefs are visible on the surface of the teapot, suggesting ornamental carvings or decorations which add depth and intrigue to its appearance.The background contrasts with textured green and red tones, adding a dynamic and somewhat abstract element to the composition. This use of vivid colors and bold strokes might symbolize the energy or the heat of the tea within the pot. Below the teapot, two whimsically rendered metallic curls, likely representing the stand or support for the teapot, add an element of whimsy and fanciful design to the otherwise straightforward depiction.Additionally, two red spheres, possibly cherries or decorative balls, are connected by a fine line, emphasizing balance and adding a touch of playfulness. These elements together enhance the thematic representation of warmth, comfort, and perhaps the ritualistic nature of tea consumption.Overall, the painting by Malinauskas is not just a representation of a teapot but an artistic exploration of form, color, and texture that transforms a daily object into a subject of contemplation and aesthetic enjoyment.


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Hello, I am a Lithuanian artist Modestas Malinauskas. I was working as a fireman some time ago, now I am creating paintings.

Those paintings are born in my fantasies and dreams. Every single one has a story of its own. I always know the story, but sometimes it is not so easy to tell it in words. The easiest way for me to express it - is to paint it. 

My inspiration comes from traveling and different experiences in my life. What I see and what I feel stays with me and I express it with oil on canvases.

When painting, I often use artists knife and layering techniques. My works take some time to create, because of different layers of paint. I let the first few layers dry and after that, I apply transparent overlaps of paint. The end result is what you see. 

Enjoy my artworks! 

At REPRODUKCIJOS.LT you can find highest quality reproductions of Modestas Malinauskas artworks. They are printed on highest quality natural canvas, come stretched on a wooden frame and are ready to hang. Reproduction is a second best thing... after an original artwork.

If you are interested in originals, Modestas is an active artist and paints a few original paintings every year. If you are looking for an original artwork by Modestas, you can find and purchase them HERE!

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