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The painting titled "Summer" by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis is a unique and expressive artwork that features an abstract landscape influence. The color palette is subdued, composed primarily of earth tones like browns and tans, with strategic splashes of muted blues and greens.The dominant visual element is a series of vertical lines, which seem to represent trees in a forest or woodland setting. These lines are not detailed but rather simplified and abstract, capturing the essence of a forest rather than its exact physical form. The tallest line, painted in a darker tone, could symbolize a particularly prominent tree or feature within the landscape.Amidst these vertical lines, the touches of blue and green might suggest patches of sky peeking through the treetops or perhaps the presence of distant water or foliage in the landscape. The overall composition has a minimalist and slightly otherworldly charm, encouraging the viewer to interpret the scene both emotionally and intellectually.The use of texture and the scattered application of the pigment give the painting a raw, almost unfinished appeal, which may reflect the transient and ever-changing nature of summer itself. Čiurlionis's style here emphasizes mood and atmosphere over detailed representation, which invites viewers to connect with the artwork on a personal level, filling in the blanks with their own memories and feelings about summer.


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