A Peacock, Fruit, Boiled Lobster And A Prey Of Birds

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"A Peacock, Fruit, Boiled Lobster And A Prey Of Birds" by Adriaen van Utrecht is a lavish and meticulously detailed still life that encapsulates the opulence and abundance of 17th-century banquet scenes. This painting is a superb example of van Utrecht's skill in combining various elements to create a harmonious and visually intriguing composition.The painting features a rich array of objects that signify wealth and luxury. Dominating the scene is a peacock with its feathers extravagantly displayed, adding a vibrant splash of color and a sense of grandeur to the tableau. Adjacent to the peacock, a basket brims with lush fruits including grapes, apples, and plums, their textures and colors rendered with exquisite attention to detail, symbolizing fertility and earthly pleasures.On the left side of the painting, a boiled lobster, vibrant red and artfully arranged on a dark plate, draws the eye. This addition not only enhances the color palette of the painting but also emphasizes the theme of luxury dining. Nearby, small birds and a hare, included among the hunted prey, add a contrasting note of mortality and the transience of life, typical of still life paintings from this era.Each element in "A Peacock, Fruit, Boiled Lobster And A Prey Of Birds" is a testament to van Utrecht's mastery over texture, color, and composition.


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Adriaen van Utrecht (Antwerp, 12 January 1599 – 1652) was a Flemish painter known mainly for his sumptuous banquet still lifes, game and fruit still lifes, fruit garlands, market and kitchen scenes and depictions of live poultry in farmyards. His paintings, especially the hunting and game pieces, show the influence of Frans Snyders. The two artists are considered the main inventors of the genre of the pronkstillevens, i.e. still lifes that emphasized abundance by depicting a diversity of objects, fruits, flowers and dead game, often together with living people and animals.[1] Van Utrecht also painted a number of flower still lifes. He was a regular collaborator with leading Antwerp painters who had been pupils or assistants of Peter Paul Rubens, such as Jacob Jordaens, David Teniers the Younger, Erasmus Quellinus II, Gerard Seghers, Theodoor Rombouts, Abraham van Diepenbeeck and Thomas Willeboirts Bosschaert.