Acht Enten am Wasser (1915-1920)

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Welcome to our gallery where we proudly showcase "Acht Enten am Wasser" ("Eight Ducks on the Water"), a captivating painting by renowned German artist Alexander Koester, known for his exquisite depictions of ducks and natural settings. Created between 1915 and 1920, this artwork stands out as a prime example of Koester's skill in combining light, color, and movement.In "Acht Enten am Wasser," Koester paints a serene scene where eight ducks bask in the gentle sunlight by the water's edge. The painting is alive with reflections and ripples, making the water seem almost tangible. Koester's masterful use of Impressionist techniques allows him to capture not just the visual splendor of the scenery but also the tranquil ambiance of a slow, sunny day. The lush foliage surrounding the ducks is rendered in vibrant strokes, contrasting beautifully against the soft, cloudy sky in the background.This piece is not just an observation of nature; it is an invitation to pause and revel in the moment, urging viewers to appreciate the simple, fleeting snapshots of life.


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Alexander Max Koester (10 February 1864, Bergneustadt - 21 December 1932, Munich) was a German landscape and animal painter. He specialized in scenes with ducks.