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The painting "Lovers" by Vytautas Laisonas features a striking and intimate portrayal of two individuals who appear to be in a close, personal relationship, suggested by their nearly touching faces and the serene expression they share. The work is characterized by a muted, soft color palette, dominated by pastel hues that give the painting a calm and gentle atmosphere.The stylistic approach Laisonas employs is quite distinctive, blending elements of realism with a more abstract, textured background. The faces of the lovers are depicted with a certain degree of realism, featuring well-defined facial features like the eyes, noses, and lips. However, their hair and the background exhibit a more abstract treatment, integrating broader, more expressive brush strokes.A notable aspect of the composition is the way the lovers' faces nearly merge into one another, symbolizing perhaps their emotional and spiritual unity. The background, with its abstract landscape-like appearance, using layers and patches of color, may suggest a timeless, almost dreamlike setting for the subjects, emphasizing the theme of love being an encompassing and transcendent experience.Overall, the artwork exudes a sense of peace and profound connection, inviting viewers to reflect on themes of love, intimacy, and the beauty found in shared moments.


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The author often draws inspiration and ideas from nature, which is perfect in itself.

In one of his paintings is alive world, which is more realistic than photograph and too perfect to be true. In the other paintings - the world, which has never been, children's tale, which you can not forget.

It reveals the artist's explorations between "real" and "imaginary", and that makes him unique. This is one of the reasons why his works are evaluated by private collectors, not only in Lithuania, but also in Italy, France, Japan, Germany, USA, Hungary, Finland, Norway.

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