Still Life With Jardinière

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The painting titled "Still Life With Jardinière" by Alfred Henry Maurer is a vibrant and textured still life work that showcases the artist's bold and abstract style. At first glance, the dominant feature is a large, cream-colored jardinière, or decorative pot. It is adorned with classical images that suggest a pastoral or romantic scene, painted in a somewhat impressionistic style that blurs the details into patches of color.To the right of the jardinière, there is a figurative sculpture or ornamental piece that appears to be of a woman, rendered in dark blue with splotches of light, exhibiting Maurer’s interest in contrasting colors and dynamic forms. This figure adds a mysterious and almost dreamlike element to the composition.The background and the surrounding areas are layered with thick, vigorous strokes of blue, black, brown, and red, contributing to a sense of depth and motion in the painting. The use of bold and overlapping colors not only accentuates the central objects but also harmonizes the entire composition, creating a lively interaction between the objects and the space around them.Overall, Maurer’s "Still Life With Jardinière" is an expressive mixture of realism and abstraction, where everyday objects are imbued with a vibrant, artistic life, manifesting his modernist approach to traditional subjects.


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Alfred Henry Maurer (1868-1932) was an American modernist painter from New York City famous for his avant-garde artworks. He developed his style from conventional painting to modern art after moving to Paris, France, in 1897. He was ahead of other artists in his time by experimenting with abstract painting, Cubism and Fauvism. During his lifetime, he gained an international reputation, won several awards both in America and Europe, and became the director of The Society of Independent Artists.

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