Old People House

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The image titled "Old People House" by Tadas Šimkus shows the facade of an apartment building, displayed in a photographic style. The building itself, typical of many mid-20th-century urban residential structures, features a repetitive grid of windows on a concrete exterior. The uniformity of the architecture is subtly interrupted by variations in the windows' details, reflecting the individual lives within.Each window almost acts as a distinct tableau. On the left side, some windows display added decorative elements, like a set with blue shutters adorned with colorful floral patterns, standing out against the generally drab exterior. Others are more subdued, featuring simple sheer curtains or blinds and giving little away about the interior lives.The right side of the building shows more signs of wear and usage. For example, one window has laundry draped over the sill, an everyday scene that introduces a human element to the otherwise stark facade. This side of the building also exhibits more visible signs of deterioration, like water stains and peeling materials, suggesting this might be a less maintained or older section of the building.Overall, the image captures a slice of life within this apartment building, contrasting the impersonal architecture with the personal elements residents have brought to their individual spaces. It invites viewers to contemplate the stories and daily lives of the anonymous elderly residents suggested by the title, emphasizing themes of community, aging, and the interplay between public facades and private lives.


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Tadas is interested in street art, art exposed in public spaces and in private, interiors and exteriors. He says he feels great responsibility for his creation, although he always paints what he feels and experiences.

He believes, that his feelings and emotions remain in his works, that it is not just a line or stroke, not just graphics or a picture. The artist wants his works to spread joy and positive emotions he feels himself.