Flowered House

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This artwork by Tadas Šimkus is a striking example of how art can transform everyday spaces into visually intriguing environments. The painting, titled "Flowered House," features a large mural on the facade of an apartment building. The depiction is of oversized, vibrant flowers that sprawl across the building's exterior, intertwining with real windows and balconies.The flowers, shown in delicate shades of pink and yellow with rich green leaves, add a whimsical, almost fantastical element to the otherwise ordinary and somewhat drab architectural structure. The contrast between the organic, lively forms of the flora and the geometric, rigid forms of the building creates a fascinating visual dichotomy.What's particularly interesting about this painting is how the artist incorporates real elements of the building—like the windows and balconies—into the artwork, making them part of the composition. This integration blurs the lines between art and life, suggesting a coexistence and harmony between nature and human-made environments.Overall, the "Flowered House" serves as a beautiful example of urban beautification and illustrates how public art can positively impact the aesthetics of a community space, turning a simple building into a canvas that enriches its surroundings.


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Tadas is interested in street art, art exposed in public spaces and in private, interiors and exteriors. He says he feels great responsibility for his creation, although he always paints what he feels and experiences.

He believes, that his feelings and emotions remain in his works, that it is not just a line or stroke, not just graphics or a picture. The artist wants his works to spread joy and positive emotions he feels himself.