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In the painting, four large, expressive hands dominate the composition, rendered with strong, visible brushstrokes in shades of yellow and ochre against a stark, contrasting backdrop of deep blues and reds. The colors are vivid, creating a dramatic and somewhat tumultuous atmosphere. The hands are intricately detailed, emphasizing rough textures and realism in their portrayal.One hand, appearing more central, holds a small, white daisy delicately between its fingers. This daisy, with its white petals and yellow center, stands out vividly against the darker, richer colors surrounding it. The gesture of holding the flower is gentle, suggesting a moment of tenderness or discovery amidst a chaotic or harsh environment.The background blends fiery reds and cooler blues, possibly indicating a clash of emotions or a state of confusion. There are irregular forms and shapes that could be interpreted as abstract representations of clouds, smoke, or undefined masses, contributing to the overall sense of an intense, emotional landscape.


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Graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

Ideas for paintings come from observing one's own environment and then stealing details from it. These details more often than not come to me on their own and then I realise that yes, this must be important to me, and I only realise the importance of the moment and the detail much later. The characters in the paintings are often affected by the melancholy of everyday life and take their time to be with themselves.

I don't stick to one technique or one medium. I have noticed that I naturally look for different ways of expressing myself through painting, which is why the paintings themselves often look quite different. Often I combine oil painting with acrylics or spray paints, and sometimes markers in the same work. Almost every work is dominated by a figurative composition with large monochromatic areas. This is a way of combining two quite different art movements - easel painting and street art. Most of the works are characterised by a contoured line and a strong contrasting colour palette.