Cyclist in the City

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The painting titled "Cyclist in the City" by Tadas Šimkus is a dynamic and visually captivating artwork. It features a silhouette of a cyclist, which forms the central figure against a vibrant and textured background composed of a myriad of colors and graffiti-style text. The text and forms seem to swirl around and envelop the cyclist, suggesting the bustling energy and chaotic atmosphere of urban life.The use of contrasting colors—primarily reds, yellows, and blacks—creates a sense of vibrancy and movement. The abstract expressionist style of the background, with its aggressive, graffiti-like lettering, contrasts sharply with the more defined shape of the cyclist, emphasizing the theme of a lone individual navigating the complexity and frenzy of city life.Overall, this painting captures the essence of urban cycling—speed, movement, and a touch of rebellion—as the cyclist maneuvers through the urban landscape dominated by wild colors and bold patterns.


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Tadas is interested in street art, art exposed in public spaces and in private, interiors and exteriors. He says he feels great responsibility for his creation, although he always paints what he feels and experiences.

He believes, that his feelings and emotions remain in his works, that it is not just a line or stroke, not just graphics or a picture. The artist wants his works to spread joy and positive emotions he feels himself.