The Sun is Passing the Sign of Twins from cycle "Zodiac"

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This painting by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, titled "The Sun is Passing the Sign of Twins" from his "Zodiac" cycle, beautifully captures an almost mystical interpretation of the astrological sign Gemini, symbolized as Twins. The piece exudes a blend of cosmic and terrestrial elements portrayed in a dreamlike and ethereal manner.At the top center of the composition, you notice a delicate constellation that forms two connected figures, suggesting the astrological symbol for Gemini. This celestial symbol is highlighted with small, star-like dots, creating a gentle contrast against the darker, night sky-like backdrop.Directly beneath the constellation, the composition transitions into an abstract landscape. A radiant, vertical beam of light in shades of yellow and gold descends from the constellation, serving as a metaphor for the sun's journey. This beam of light appears to illuminate or even activate the scene below, projecting a sense of warmth and celestial influence onto the earth.The landscape is characterized by dark, vertical strokes that might suggest dense forests or tall cliffs. These darken as they reach the bottom of the piece, providing a sense of depth and mystery. The contrast between the golden light and the dark terrain enhances the painting's mystical and atmospheric quality.Overall, Čiurlionis uses colors, symbols, and abstract forms to explore astrological themes, blending physical elements with spiritual or astronomical symbolism.


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