The Sun is Passing the Sign of Pisces form cycle "Zodiac"

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The painting "The Sun is Passing the Sign of Pisces" by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis is a dreamlike and mystical work that beautifully combines elements of nature and astrology. The scene depicts a serene and somewhat ethereal seascape under a dark, star-studded sky.In the foreground, there is a radiant sun sitting low on the horizon, casting beams of light that reach upward and seem to interact with the water. Above the sun, the constellation Pisces is depicted through a series of connected white dots forming the shape of two fish, which is associated with the astrological sign Pisces.The body of water, painted in deep shades of blue and green, dominates the lower portion of the scene and adds a sense of depth and mystery. The sea appears to be calm, reinforcing the tranquility of the overall scene.In the upper part of the painting, we see larger representations of two fish swimming through the heavens, their forms simplified and streamlined, echoing the shape of the constellation. These larger fish seem to mirror the celestial configuration, creating a link between the cosmos and the earthly realm.Overall, Čiurlionis’s work is evocative of the connection between the cosmic phenomena and their reflections in the natural world, blending elements of symbolism with naturalistic representation in a way that invites contemplation and wonder.


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