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In the painting titled "Morning" by Aurika, a serene and ethereal woman is portrayed against a backdrop of rich, leafy foliage in hues of orange, blue, and yellow, suggesting an autumnal setting. The woman, depicted in a profile view, has a graceful elongation to her neck and a subtle, contemplative gaze directed downward. Her hair is styled in an elegant updo, emphasizing the smooth lines and gentle contours of her face.She is adorned in an intricate robe that combines elements of nature and geometry; the robe features swirling blue patterns overlaid with a textured black design reminiscent of small leaves or feathers. The overall color palette of her attire contrasts with the warm, vibrant background, making her figure the calm center in a dynamic environment.Leaves, some depicted as if they are softly falling, surround her, blending with the contours of her robe and appearing almost as extensions of her being. The circular motif behind her head possibly represents the sun, framing her figure and highlighting her as the focal point of the composition.


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Her education is based on knowledge and experience aquired in Vilnius Art Academy. 

Aurika's artwork has been exhibited in Vilnius, Kaunas, Utena as well as Amsterdam and Chicago. Various paintings form a part of private collections all over the world.

Artist's attention is directed towards the fragile, mysterious and rather gothic world of angels. Pale, solemn and gentle, the angels carry an ambience of sacred ubiquity to the background as well as the observer standing out perfectly over the rest of the vivid composition.

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