Litoral Head (c.1914-1915)

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1914-1915) by Amadeo de Souza-CardosoAmadeo de Souza-Cardoso's painting "Litoral Head," painted around 1914-1915, stands as a compelling testament to the modernist movement that swept through European art during the early 20th century. This vibrant and enigmatic work captures the artistic essence of an era where boundaries were pushed and conventions redefined.The painting features a stylized human head, composed of abstract shapes and vivid colors, creating a dynamic and somewhat disorienting effect. The face, outlined primarily in red and blue, is segmented into various geometric forms and filled with contrasting colors and patterns that suggest depth and complexity. Abstract motifs such as swirls, stripes, and checkerboard patterns contribute to the sense of motion and emotion, portraying a visceral reflection of the human psyche.Souza-Cardoso utilizes a bold palette with primary colors that pop against each other, while finer details in green, orange, and black provide balance and ties the elements together. The eyes and mouth of the figure are distinctly highlighted, drawing viewers into an introspective gaze that seems to pierce through the chaos of the composition."Litoral Head" is an exploration of identity and expression, encapsulating the turmoil and vibrancy of the modern age. Its compelling use of color and form makes it not only a key piece in Souza-Cardoso’s oeuvre but also an enduring example of early modernist art.


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Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (14 November 1887 – 25 October 1918) was a Portuguese painter.

Belonging to the first generation of Portuguese modernist painters, Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso stands out among all of them for the exceptional quality of his work and for the dialogue he established with the historical avant-gardes of the early 20th century.