The Rout (1884)

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"The Rout" by Italian painter Alberto Pasini, painted in 1884, plunges its viewers into the midst of a chaotic cavalry melee, capturing a moment of intense action and desperation. The scene unfolds under a tumultuous sky, where swirling clouds echo the turmoil on the ground.In the painting, a group of cavalrymen are depicted in a frenzied escape, their horses rearing and plunging against a backdrop of dust and disarray. The riders, draped in variously colored fabrics that suggest diverse origins, wield long lances that add a vertical dynamic to the composition. Their faces are turned away or obscured, emphasizing the anonymity and universality of conflict and fear.Pasini's masterful use of color and light brings a visceral realism to the scene. The earthy tones of the ground, interspersed with patches of greenery, contrast sharply with the dusty turmoil of the central action. Meanwhile, the expansive sky, painted in hues of blue and white, provides a breath of visual relief while also heightening the drama of the earthly conflict.The artist, known for his detailed and vivid depictions of Eastern scenes, uses his skill to not merely depict a moment in a battle but to convey the raw emotion and hectic energy of flight. The painting’s dynamic composition and the urgent sweep of the horses draw the viewer’s eye across the canvas, making "The Rout" an engaging narrative of survival and chaos captured in oil.Displayed prominently in our gallery, "The Rout" invites viewers to not only appreciate Pasini's technical prowess but also to reflect on the timeless themes of war, fear, and the indomitable will to survive.


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Alberto Pasini (3 September 1826 – 15 December 1899) was an Italian painter. He is best known for depicting Orientalist subjects in a late-Romantic style.